Most buying decisions are based on trust, confidence, and the feeling of connection people have related to a product or person. It’s the trusted relationship that counts. Having a strong personal and corporate brand is a very important asset in today’s online and individual age. It is the key to success in the fashion industry as well. This article describes the trends in the fashion industry and how to respond effectively and in a sustainable way to these developments with innovative branding and performance tools and techniques developed by the author.
Some important trends in the fashion industry:
1. The life time of fashion collections is limited; Fashion trends follow each other in quick succession. The consumer always wants something else. The turnover rates of collections rise and windows change almost weekly. 
2. Fashion is more than clothes; Consumers are very fashion sensitive. This does not stop at clothes. People buy clothes mainly to look nice. Besides clothing home accessories, eyewear, bags, etc. are also needed to look nice. 
3. Fashion consumers buy clothes for one season because the related fashion color and they don’t want to pay much for this. 
4. Older clients prefer luxurious fashion shops that are consumer oriented and have a quiet atmosphere; they are willing to drive extra miles for a quiet shop with customer oriented staff, which care about them.
5. A growing number of consumers buy clothes over the internet; online consumers spend almost twice as much on clothing and shoes than on books and magazines. Moreover, internet stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some internet sites focus entirely on niches within the fashion industry. Consumers use many different sources and orienting increasingly over the Internet. Fashion stores must therefore use different channels to promote their clothing. The rise of social media marketing and digital television allows selling garments directly via internet and TV. 
6. Consumers demand transparency and personal integrity; they want to know what they are buying. They want to know where the clothes are made, which products are used, if they can get no allergy, is it fireproof, is child labor involved in the production process, etc. 
How to Respond Effectively to These Trends
As a result of above mentioned developments and trends fashion stores must become more cost-conscious and work more result oriented, smarter and customer friendly. The cost and result consciousness can be realized with the implementation of our corporate balanced scorecard method. The employee’s personal effectiveness and customer satisfaction can be enhanced with our personal balanced scorecard system.  Fashion stores can successfully respond to the mentioned developments by building a strong performance related corporate brand. They should also focus on authentic personal branding and social media marketing to effectively anticipate on the behavior of buyers via Internet. Our employee engagement process, in which the alignment of employee’s personal brand with their behavior is central, will result in improved personal integrity, personal charisma, and credibility.  With this approach the fashion store staff will work passionate and will be engaged, and the sales performance will be much higher. This will satisfy their clients and all other stakeholders effectively. For example, if the sales person is not able to tell an effective brand story or elevator pitch passionately to a bride about a wedding dress, she will not make an emotional connection with her and the bride will leave the store.  When there is harmony between these two brands, the results will be higher labor productivity, passionate employees and happy clients. 
The above mentioned tools and techniques to anticipate on these trends and developments are being discussed in Dr. Hubert Rampersad’s  related Master Class . 
By attending our related exclusive master class you will gain understanding about:
• building, implementing, and cultivating an authentic personal and corporate brand
• creating positive perceptions and emotions in the mind of your prospects and becoming more customer friendly
• building a strong reputation that is aligned with your vision and passion and developing an effective image of yourself that you want to project in everything you do
• developing authentic personal leadership and building credibility and a solid reputation 
• putting you above your competitors, enhancing your sales  performance, and positioning yourself effectively on Internet
• building your business with social media marketing and satisfying your customers
• developing and implementing your personal balanced scorecard and corporate balanced scorecard.  
Who should attend
This unique and highly practical and interactive training has been specially designed for: business  owners / managing directors, directors, managers, professionals, marketing & sales managers, and HR managers in the fashion industry, and all  others who wish to differentiate themselves, set themselves apart from others,  position themselves strongly in relation to competitors, and build credibility and a solid reputation.
The Importance of Personal Branding
Most buying decisions are based on trust, confidence, and the feeling of connection people have related to a product or person. It’s the trusted relationship that counts! Branding is more important than marketing and sales. Don’t waste time and money on marketing and sales by not maximizing your brand. It’s about time to focus on branding. In life, as in business, branding is more effective, powerful, and sustainable than marketing and sales. Having a strong authentic personal and corporate brand is a very important asset in today’s online, virtual, and individual age. It is becoming increasingly essential and is the key to personal and business success. Personal Branding is the positioning strategy behind the world’s most successful people, like Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates. It’s therefore important to be your own brand and to become the CEO of your life. Everyone has a Personal Brand but most people are not aware of this and do not manage this strategically, consistently, and effectively. You should take control of your brand and the message it sends and affect how others perceive you. By way of this unique workshop, Dr. Hubert Rampersad will offer you an advanced breakthrough formula and a new blueprint to build, implement, maintain, and cultivate an authentic, distinctive, relevant, consistent, concise, meaningful, crystal clear, and memorable Personal Brand, which forms the key to enduring personal success. It’s based on his new best selling books: “Be The CEO of Your Life; The Ultimate Authentic Personal Branding Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd and ”Authentic Personal Branding:  A new blueprint for building and aligning a powerful leadership brand”.
Why Attend this Exclusive Master Class?
 Building an authentic Personal and Corporate Brand is an evolutionary and organic process and a journey towards a successful life. Your Personal Brand should emerge from your search for your identity and meaning in life, and it is about getting very clear on what you want, fixing it in your mind, giving it all your positive energy, doing what you love and develop yourself continuously. This seminar provides you a holistic and complete branding framework that will help you to create a powerful, authentic, consistent, and memorable personal brand identity that builds a trusted image of yourself and will help you enrich your relationships with others, master yourself, unlock your potential, and develop self-esteem. By aligning your Personal Brand with yourself you will create a stable basis for your trustworthiness, credibility, and personal charisma. This master class is an experience that will enhance the core of personal leadership. It focuses also on the development and implementation of of your corporate brand and corporate balanced scorecard.
Check this YouTube Video Performance Branding in the Fashion Industrywith Hubert Rampersad  ;How to Become a Powerful Fashion Brand and Make a Difference in the Fashion Industry.
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Course Overview
 Authentic Personal Branding Model 
 How to Define and Formulate your Dream
 How to become a visionary leader
 How to realize your dreams and brand desires in a sustainable, enduring, and harmonious way.
 How to Define and Formulate your Personal Brand 
 How to Formulate your Personal Balanced Scorecard and enhance your personal effectiveness based on this  
 How to Cultivate your Personal Brand and become successful in life
 Alignment with yourself; Developing Personal Integrity
 How to build your Corporate Brand and how to develop your Corporate Balanced Scorecard
 Alignment with your Corporate Brand
 How to create employee engagement and a happy workforce within your organization 
 Social Media Marketing  and Personal Brand Coaching 
 Happy Hour/Networking
About the Trainer
Dr. Hubert Rampersad is an Authentic Personal Branding & Performance Management Pioneer and dean at Business School of the Americas. He holds a PhD, MSc and BSc in Management and Technology from leading universities. He is the prominent author of the bestselling books “Total Performance Scorecard: Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity ” ,“Personal Balanced Scorecard; The Way to Individual Happiness, Personal Integrity and Organizational Effectiveness “, “TPS-Lean Six Sigma; Linking Human Capital to Lean Six Sigma – A New Blueprint for Creating High Performance Companies “,  “Authentic Personal Branding: A new blueprint for building and aligning your brand “, and “Be The CEO of Your Life: The Ultimate Authentic Personal Branding Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd“, which have been published in 15-20 languages. His books have been endorsed by Professor Paul Bracken (Yale School of Management), Professor Dorothy Leonard (Harvard Business School), Professor Marshall Goldsmith (Harvard Business Press, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author), Professor Dave Ulrich(University of Michigan, Harvard Business Press bestselling author), and many other leading management gurus in the US. Dr. Rampersad is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Training and Management Development Methods (UK), member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Measuring Business Excellence (UK), member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the TQM Magazine (UK), and editorial advisor to Singapore Management Review. His views on happiness in work-life and on personal branding were published in Fortune Magazine and BusinessWeek . He taught at MIT Sloan (MIT Leadership Center) to MBA students as part of the Sloan Innovation Period.
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If interested  to run this course in-house please e mail: Our In-house courses are held in the company premises or a hotel selected by the company. We tailor the training according to your needs and requirements.  Upon successfully  completing the course each delegate receives a Certificate from the Business School of the Americas . This Program is worth 2 MBA credit points related to the MBA degree in Personal Branding at the Business School of the Americas.
From the book’s foreword by Marshall Goldsmith:
“In Personal Branding, Hubert Rampersad has provided a sorely needed guidebook for knowledge workers. He shows us all how to build our own personal brand – and just as important – how to persuasively communicate this brand to the world… I love his focus on authenticity… My request to you, the reader, is – make this book part of your life.  Don’t just read this book for its ‘interesting’ content.  Don’t be content with a few ‘aha’ moments. Make it part of your life planning – and ultimately part of your life!  If you do, you can become a more integrated and successful person – and better enable your company to help you make a positive difference in our world!”Marshall Goldsmith is Author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, a New York Times bestseller, Wall Street Journal #1 business book and the Harold Longman Award winner for Best  Business Book of the Year for 2007. He is recognized by the American Management Association as one of 50 great thinkers and leaders who have impacted the field of management over the past 80 years.
From the Afterword by Dave Ulrich:
“Hubert Rampersad has a knack for preparing comprehensive frameworks for analyzing important issues… The four stage model that he suggests proposes an explicit way to turn a desired external identity into something concrete and actionable… It’s a wonderful step by step approach to making out desired brand explicit… The mental models and their related investigative questions will help you know where you are today so you can get to where you want to be tomorrow… This book offers an architecture to turn these ideas into action.” — Dave Ulrich is Professor of Business, University of Michigan, and Partner, The RBL Group. Co-author of the bestselling book “Leadership Brand’ ( Harvard Business Press, 2007). He was ranked as #1 management educator and guru by Business Week, #2 among management thinkers by Executive Excellence, and listed by Forbes as one of the “world’s top five” business coaches.
Fee includes two hours individual coaching, seminar documentation, certificate of attendance, personal branding book, refreshment breaks, lunch, and happy hour drinks.
Group Discounts
3 delegates 10%     Please note that all group discount are given on the final price
5 delegates 15% 
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