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apbcoachfederation logoThe Authentic Personal Brand Coach Federation (APBCF) in the United States ( is the global not-for-profit membership federation for the authentic personal brand coaching profession. This is based on Dr. Hubert Rampersad’s  bestselling book AUTHENTIC PERSONAL BRANDING us-edition_pb

Whether it’s Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching or any other professional coaching, APBCF builds, supports and preserves the integrity of this growing authentic personal brand coaching field through internationally accepted professional standards and leads the global community in advancing this new profession. APBCF’s worldwide advocacy for authentic personal brand coaching is reinforced by our globally recognized standards, certification and licensee programs, extensive academic programs, eLearning programs, chapters of practice in 50 countries, a worldwide network of professional coaches, and professional development opportunities.  APBCF is recognized among coaching professionals worldwide for: Developing authentic personal brand coaching core competencies, establishing a related code of ethics and standards, creating an internationally recognized credentialing program, setting guidelines for related coach-specific training programs, and providing discussion through communities of practice. Become a member and see what APBCF can offer you at every stage of your coaching career. Discover more about what our APBCF membership is and what benefits it offers, and choose the type of membership that’s best for you. As an APBCF member, you gain exclusive access to APBCF publications and our global standards, networking options with our global chapters and online communities of practice, and career opportunities. APBCF supports its members globally through its website, databases and publications and through continual professional development and growth opportunities, including conferences and networking programs.  APBCF also offers a comprehensive authentic personal brand coach certification program globally. You will demonstrate your expertise and your commitment to the authentic personal brand coaching profession with an APBCF certification.   

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