Managing High Performance Ethical Organizational Change Effectively

Corporate Culture Training 

Managing High Performance Ethical Organizational Change Effectively

How to create and sustain an Effective High Performance and Ethical Corporate Culture Based on Effective Leadership and a Worldwide and Harvard Business School Endorsed Holistic Change Management Methodology.       

By Prof.Dr. Hubert Rampersad

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Our worldwide recognized transformational leadership development and change management program –TOTAL PERFORMANCE SCORECARD & AUTHENTIC GOVERNANCE – provide a holistic and authentic framework and specific tools to enable leaders and executives to effectively create a high performance ethical corporate culture directly aligned with desired business strategy and results.  An effective corporate culture starts with effective leadership. And effective leadership begins with a powerful way of understanding yourself, your role as leader, managing yourself as a business based on our personal leadership branding methodology, and understanding the basics of shaping the culture of your organization in a sustainable way. Our unique personal and corporate change management system is fundamental to effective leadership and organizational performance. Our corporate culture training begins with a focus on self-awareness and the fundamentals of defining your dreams. It includes a powerful framework for translating your dreams into actions and for understanding organizational performance and workforce productivity, as well as introducing ways to manage a company successfully.  In this training leaders and managers on all levels within the organization will develop effective leadership skills to achieve tangible results with people, develop their ability to operate effectively in an environment characterized by relentless change and manage change effectively.  Our training will provide you with a framework and tools to get in touch with yourself in a deep, meaningful way that will strengthen your authenticity and enhance your performance at work and at home. Remember: “If you are not a good father/mother, you cannot be a good leader’. During this 2 or 3-day in-house Corporate Culture Training Prof.Dr. Hubert Rampersad will also help you to utilize his unique TOTAL PERFORMANCE SCORECARD & AUTHENTIC GOVERNANCE method to realize the best fit between worker and organization that will result in increased employee retention. He will also help you to enhance continuous learning and improve individual performance.  You will learn how your company will develop a high performance ethical culture, develop personal integrity and enhance workforce productivity to meet world class standards. Dr. Rampersad’s performance management system energizes employees and stimulates engagement, commitment, integrity, and passion within the organization. They work smarter and focus on activities that create value for clients. This very practical and highly interactive training is designed to improve the collective capacity to manage organizational change successfully. It is tailored to the specific needs and culture of the organization. It is designed to accomplish several key objectives:

  • Developing ethical leadership, redefining your corporate strategy/ambition, developing an ethical business culture and strengthen corporate governance.
  • A shared understanding of what is culture, what is the current reality of your company culture, what must be changed and how to be changed effectively.
  • How will executives support the business change or strategy successfully, with new ways of working and organizational culture training.
  • How to implement and manage organizational change effectively, and what new ways of working are needed.
  • Teach and practice change leadership and personal skills that make it easier to foster buy-in to change across the organization.
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This training will help you solve this problem effectively and in a sustainable way.
Who should attend?
This unique and highly practical and interactive in-house training has been specially designed and customized for: business owners, senior executives, managing directors, operational managers, team leaders and employees.          
We will also measure the performance of your corporate culture during the training with our unique TPS Life Cycle Scan

Our unique TPS Life Cycle Scan is an integrated online assessment of their organization. It is a performance excellence model aimed at cultural and productivity improvement. It is a holistic instrument for systematic self-diagnosis that explores five development levels and eight dimensions.

TPS Life Cycle Scan Analysis These levels and dimensions indicate the organization’s maturity compared with that needed for management excellence.
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In-house: This practical workshop can be delivered in-house as well. We tailor the training according to your needs and requirements.


About the Trainer

Prof. Hubert Rampersad, PhD., MSc., BSc., is an international  leading authority on good governance, leadership, human performance management and change management. He holds a PhD. in Management, a MSc. in Innovation, and BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from leading accredited universities.  He is  and prominent author of the bestselling books Total Performance Scorecard: Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity ” ,“Personal Balanced Scorecard; The Way to Individual Happiness, Personal Integrity and Organizational Effectiveness “, “TPS-Lean Six Sigma; Linking Human Capital to Lean Six Sigma – A New Blueprint for Creating High Performance Companies “,  “Authentic Personal Branding: A new blueprint for building and aligning your brand “, “Be The CEO of Your Life: The Ultimate Authentic Personal Branding Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd“, and  “AUTHENTIC GOVERNANCE” ,which have been published in many languages. His books have been endorsed by Professor Paul Bracken (Yale School of Management), Professor Dorothy Leonard (Harvard Business School), Professor Marshall Goldsmith (Harvard Business Press, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author), Professor Dave Ulrich (University of Michigan, Harvard Business Press bestselling author), and many other leading management gurus in the US. His views on happiness in work-life and on personal branding were published in Fortune Magazine and BusinessWeek . He was guest professor at the prestigious MIT Sloan (MIT Leadership Center)  as part of the Sloan Innovation Period.Dr. Rampersad has conducted presentations, workshops and seminars for leading companies such as: Nokia, Philips Electronics, Lucent Technology, ABNAMRO Bank,  Shell Oil Company, SABIC, and Dubai World.

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 This training is based on the bestselling change management books by Dr. Hubert Rampersad and highly respected in the United States and Europe


Total Performance Scorecard; Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity .   With a Foreword by Professor Dorothy Leonard, Harvard Business School


“Hubert Rampersad has amassed and synthesized a huge amount of material . . . The book serves as a practical guide, in that there are numerous exercises and business illustrations.”—From the Foreword by Dorothy A. Leonard, The William J. Abernathy Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.  

“Hubert Rampersad takes the balanced scorecard and other management ideas and puts them in a framework of personal integrity. By unifying organizational change strategies with individual ethics he has written an outstanding synthesis, which is addressed to the corporate challenges of managing in the 21st century.”—Paul Bracken, Professor of Management, Yale School of Management

“Hubert Rampersad’s Total Performance Scorecard is management technology for the enlightened age. Rampersad beautifully explains how anyone can apply principles of motivational alignment and individualistic scorecard techniques to engineer an organization for continuous learning.”—Dr. James O’Toole, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Peter Senge broke the mindset barrier and showed how systems thinking and system change are essential to support individual development. The strength of TPS, however, is that it measures personal development in the context of organizational development. This highly interactive process creates the foundation for dynamic change where everyone can benefit from constant learning and improvement. Dr. Rampersad’s brilliance lies in bringing Peter Senge’s ideas of system symbiosis into alignment with ideas of personal ambition, vision and mission. When leaders can accurately measure true performance – low, average or outstanding – it is possible for the ideal to become a reality. ”.–George A. Kohlrieser, Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior IMD, Switzerland

“The United States Air Force is trying to become more accountable for performance using the Balanced Scorecard method, but I like the way Dr. Hubert Rampersad has tied the BSC to a Personal Balanced Scorecard. It’s almost like Kaplan & Norton meet Stephen Covey”-  Bob Marx, United States Air Force

“Total Performance Scorecard is a thorough, systematic, and integrated approach to individual and organization success. It synthesizes and extends personal, leadership, and organization theories of change and success. It offers managers tools to do a complete physical for their organization and it offers individuals an encyclopedia of knowledge about personal success.”—Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, University of Michigan, ranked as #1 management educator and guru by Business Week, #2 among management thinkers by Executive Excellence, and listed by Forbes as one of the “world’s top five” business coaches.

“Hubert Rampersad is one of the great thought leaders that is both helping organizations increase effectiveness and helping people have better lives. He is helping make the world a better place, and is one of the few consultants who look at the entire picture – not just a small part.”  —Marshall Goldsmith, recently recognized as the #1 leadership thinker in the world at the bi-annual Thinkers50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review.

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