Certified Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® Program for Real Estate Agents and Brokers


certified-personal-brand-logoThe certified personal real estate brand coach®program is meant to be helpful for them to build, implement, and maintain an authentic, distinctive, and memorable personal real estate brand and to excel in the real estate industry. It’s  based on our unique Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® Framework, described in Dr. Hubert Rampersad’s latest  book Authentic Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents; The Ultimate Breakthrough Formula For Standing Out From the Crowd“.


Become a Certified Personal Real Estate Brand Coach®

Real estate agents and brokers can become a Certified Personal Real Estate Brand Coach®(CPREBC) by attending our certification program. The CPREBC program will make you far more effective as a real estate agent/broker and will give you the prestige and credibility of an endorsed certification. With this certification you are entitled to act as a personal real estate brand coach to guide other real estate agents/brokers to enhance their sales performance. You will demonstrate your expertise in authentic personal branding with this certification.

Certification training

The duration of the certification training entails 3 full days plus 15 hours coaching (online or face to face) to help you develop and implement your personal brand and provide support as the learning experience unfolds.


Who Should Attend?

This program is appropriate for real estate agents and brokers who wishes to excel in the real estate industry, to be successful in life, to develop their authentic personal brand, to deliver peak performance, and to enhance sustainable personal effectiveness.

Program Benefits

We recognize real estate professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in using its authentic personal real estate branding system in ways that are in keeping with our code of ethics for real estate professionals. The CPREBC designation is an indication that you florida-realtorshave met the standards of our authentic personal real estate branding system as evidenced by your work as a realtor, knowledge, and personal real estate branding skills. It shows that you have demonstrated proficiency in the authentic personal real estate branding profession. Participants who receive the CPREBC designation must be re-certified every year to maintain the credential. Once you achieve the Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® Certification your name will be listed on a registry at our website that is available to potential clients and other real estate professionals, and you may display the CPREBC designation on your business cards, brochures, website, and marketing materials. You will also get the ability to set up a successful personal real estate brand coaching practice (based on our franchise system) to help other realtors, networking opportunities with our realtors, and the ability to conduct personal real estate brand coaching and training sessions in an international environment.

You will learn how to:

  • Build, implement, and cultivate an authentic and distinctive personal brand and how to coach other real estate agents to do the same.
  • Become a successful real estate agent and enhance your sales performance.
  • Enhance your effectiveness as a real estate agent and the effectiveness of your real estate team.
  • Make an emotional connection with your customers and managing their expectations and perception about you effectively.
  • Manage and influence how your prospects perceive you and think of you.
  • realtorsPosition yourself strongly in relation to other real estate agents, built a strong reputation, and develop an effective image of yourself that you want to project in everything you do.
  • Communicate what you stand for in a unique way that is different from other realtors and that gets inside people’s mind.
  • Create visibility, build trust, and reinforce integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and credibility.
  • Differentiate yourself, set you apart from other real estate agents, and create an identity around yourself which makes it easier for people to remember who you are.
  • Coach other real estate agents effectively.

 What are the requirements for Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® Certification?

The eligibility requirement to apply through this certification is: You must have a real estate license.

successful-realtorsHow will proficiency be assessed?

An applicant’s proficiency will be assessed through a combination of a description of education, experience, testimonials by clients, and a review of documents by qualified reviewers. Reviewers will be professionals who have received training and guidelines for doing the review. The Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® Certification has a validity of one calendar year and can be extended based on the results of an annual audit conducted by us.

Follow up option

franchiseYou can grow your brokerage or realtor team much faster if you’re armed with a Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® franchise to attract smart agents, manage their talents effectively and make them successful.



Click on this link to read the 12 tips for building an authentic personal real estate brand.

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