Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® Franchise

franchiseYou can grow your brokerage or realtor team much faster if you’re armed with a Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® franchise to attract smart agents, manage their talents effectively and make them successful, based on our franchise system. You will get full support in setting up a successful personal real estate brand coaching practice to coach other realtors and you will develop the ability to conduct personal real estate brand coaching training sessions in an international environment.

We are actively seeking to partner with qualified brokers and realty team leaders who possess the right mix of expertise, skills, attitude and enthusiasm. It’s not for everyone and requires bold, passionate entrepreneurial leadership. We are looking for passionate brokers and team leaders that believe in accountability and are top performers in the real estate market. Potential franchise candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Possess solid business experience
  • High personal integrity.
  • Desire to succeed in the real estate industry.
  • Entrepreneurial leadership skills.
  • A clear vision on the future of their business.
  • A desire and ability to coach a talented team of real estate agents.
  • The ability to invest in their future.

branding-bookWe would be happy to share our resources with an aspiring broker/realty team leader, as part of our franchise system. Some ingredients of our franchise system:

  • Legal; a Franchise Agreement.
  • Systems; the systems that a franchisee will use to run their business successfully, including training programs that will teach you whatever you need to know to become a successful franchisee, marketing plans that you will use to drive customers into your new business, and a sales system that you can use to recruit new licensees into your franchise company. Entrepreneurial leadership; we have the right entrepreneurial leadership skills to coach and train you effectively to become a successful franchisee.

This program is based on Dr. Hubert Rampersad’s book “Authentic Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents” .

What you will get additionally:certified-personal-brand-logo

  1. All franchisees will become a Certified Personal Real Estate Brand Coach®.

2. Our new branding book will be rebranded and customized for your real estate business and published in America, as part of our franchise program. It also entails a very effective and unique coaching system for creating high performance realtors. Train and coach your own realtors based on your own personal real rebrand-bookestate branding book!

How much does it cost to open a Personal Real Estate Brand Coach® franchise?

The investment required and the franchise fee, which grants you the license to run a business under our name, are:

  •  Franchise Fee: $ 14,950 USD (including certification and 10 copies of our book)
  • Royalty Fee on coaching real estate professionals: 15% of the fee charged
  • Advertising Fee: N/A
  • Renewal Fee: $ 950 USD
  • Fee for rebranding and customization of our new branding book for your business and get it published in America: $ 9,950 USD

This master class is included in the franchise

What are the next steps?

Our franchise award process can be completed in just a few weeks.

Step 1; information about you and your objectives fits with what we offer. You need to complete an application form that will start the franchise process.

Step 2; meeting where we provide more information and give you a glimpse of our franchise system.

Step 3; provide training immediately after the franchise has been awarded. We invest heavily in your continual professional development and growth.


Click on this link to read the 12 tips for building an authentic personal real estate brand.

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